Colin Rudd


Colin Rudd

Colin is a Senior Executive / Projects Director with over 35 years’ experience in the delivery and management of major infrastructure projects. Colin has worked extensively with the private sector and government. Over the last 20 years Colin’s focus has been on the front–end of projects, with particular strength in the development of delivery strategies, procurement and providing commercial advice on large and complex infrastructure projects.

Colin’s key competencies include: an ability to establish and motivate multi-disciplinary teams to achieve required outcomes, ability to engage and work with people at any level, a thorough understanding of government procurement processes, hands on commercial and business management experience and strategic vision supported by broad industry and commercial experience. 

Colin understands project risk and how to use risk to inform the development and implementation of delivery strategies to successfully provide value and meet project objectives. Having worked in construction, within Government and as a consultant to major client entities, Colin understands the risk/value equation inherent to all delivery models and packaging options.

I enjoy the challenge and excitement leading and working with committed people to deliver complex projects. Although no two projects are the same there are always lessons to be learnt from previous projects and new issues to be resolved on the current project. Motivation and energy levels on projects are high as the objectives and end-points are very tangible.


  • Bachelor of Science (Civ. Eng.), University of Natal-Durban,1980
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of South Africa, 1991
  • MBA, Macquarie University, Sydney - 1995



  • Project leadership
  • Delivery strategy development and implementation
  • Government interaction
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project approvals and governance
  • Commercial advisory services