Gloria Flynn

InfraSols' Original Wonder Woman

Gloria Flynn - InfraSols' Original Wonder Woman

Gloria is InfraSols' longest serving employee, having started 10 years ago at the company's infancy. I sat down with the now Finance and Administration Manager to discuss what being a woman means to her and how that has changed over the years.

What women did you look up to when you were young? Why?

My mum has definitely been an inspiration for me. I didn’t have many role models growing up as I lived in a small town without too much exposure to what was going on around the world, but her resilience always stood out and was something I strove to emulate. There was also Renate who was an older neighbour. She was a woman of strength of character and of courage and was always a wonderful sounding board for me.

What’s the best thing about being a woman?

Being a mother, I have been lucky enough to have two amazing and independent daughters. Women have this wonderfully special role that they get the chance to fulfill (should they wish), biologically or otherwise.

What is it like working for ISG as a woman?

There are far more younger women engineers than ever before and they can hold their own both out in the field and in a meeting room. When we were small it was just me, Mike and John - it was an exciting time but now it’s much different. With every new contract won we became a company that others needed to take notice of more and more. Now that we’re bigger the isolation of being the only woman in the company no longer exists. The company is changing for the better and that’s been good for me as I’ve been able to take on a leadership role – I’ve loved that challenge. This company is like my baby, I’ve watched it grow and take new forms, I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

How has the industry changed for women?

From my first construction site in the Snowy Mountains working on the Skitube Project to now being based in Margaret St overlooking Wynyard Park and the construction of the new Wynyard Place. I have seen women grow into leadership roles and take ownership of their responsibilities and deliver amazing results. It’s not just a man’s environment particularly for a desk-based roll. There are far more younger women engineers than ever before and they can hold their own both out in the field and in a meeting room. They can wear a hard hat as good as the men!

What advice would you give your younger self?

To be more confident and listen to your inner self – back your judgements. It’s simple but it’s so important.

What advice do you give yourself now?

Probably the same thing – I’m still working on that one. Maybe to also look back and reflect. Be proud of the things I have achieved, not just the good but also the bad in work and in life too.

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

For me personally, to spend more time with my girls as a family. My eldest Michaela lives in London so I would like to visit her as well as spend more time at our house in Fingal Bay. Learning golf has always been on the bucket list too. I would also like to see ISG continue to grow at its current rate and be part of that journey and transformation.