Building Delivery Logic

Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

InfraSol's focus is on assisting a client in the assessments of the merits of infrastructure investments and to build a delivery logic that is legible to not only their people but also other stakeholders and neighbours.

Planning for delivery of infrastructure is complex in built environments, where there are many interactions with the community and interfaces with third party asset owners and neighbouring landowners. InfraSol recognise that the major infrastructure project impacts need to be managed through appropriate planning approvals and delivered by competent suppliers and contractors working within community.

Logic underpins the project development and delivery programs. Using our team’s cross-sector and cross-discipline experience, we assist the client team structure their project development and delivery programs to ensure a high level of certainty of achieving key milestones.

We Offer

  • Research and policy expertise in the development of long-term growth policies and strategies
  • Infrastructure planning and impact assessment capabilities to support clients in creating sustainable infrastructure investment plans
  • Public transit planning advice, including rapid transit, light and heavy rail
  • Project management and control expertise which implements established practices, methodologies, tools and techniques to ensure timely and consistent programme-wide monitoring and control approaches for effective planning, progress measurement, and reporting
  • Risk management expertise to identify and respond to threats or opportunities that might impact the Project
  • Value management expertise and the provision of an organised approach to develop recommendations to minimise cost without degrading the functionality of the Project
  • Preparation of construction methodologies and the associated planning and programming advice to inform the development of the cost plans, risk assessment, land acquisition, reference designs and environmental impact statements
  • Expert knowledge of project portfolio management software
  • In-house expertise of transportation modelling and microsimulation techniques
  • Expert knowledge of Primavera P6 Planning Software
  • Construction programs built from first principles drawing on the many years of infrastructure development and delivery experience of our key personnel
  • Forensic and analysis of programs associated with contractor delay claims and variations
  • Program health checks and audits on existing programs across all disciplines and stages of project delivery
  • Risk analysis of project programs

Our Methodology

As the scale and complexity of Projects increase, so too does the requirement for discipline specialisation, including Commercial Management. InfraSol gives independent and frank advice and will always put project needs first and provides informed project planning and delivery by applying lessons learnt and benchmarking against other projects. Our independence allows us to be outcome and solutions focused walking in the client and projects shoes. We embed ourselves in client teams, using experienced, high quality people with cross-discipline, cross-sector knowledge to deliver sustainable outcomes that put the Project, not company first.