Jessica Scheu

Junior Advisor

Jessica Scheu

An experienced project associate, Jessica has a background in contract administration, major transport infrastructure procurement and knowledge management. With a background in Psychology, Jessica is highly organised, has a proven record with respect to administering commercial contracts for complex multi-million dollar projects and functional team performance.

Jessica is skilled at building strong, lasting relationships and possesses strong communication skills to effectively and positively contribute as an integrated team member on major projects and to effectively communicate and present to project stakeholders.

Some relevant career highlights include:

  • Member of team supporting a once in a generation project Inland Rail – The new 1700km train line completing the ‘spine’ of the national freight network between Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Developed the May 2018 Inland Rail Industry Briefing collateral and presentation
  • Worked in coordination with the Inland Rail Community & Stakeholder team to coordinate the May 2018 Inland Rail Industry Briefings for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Contributed to the development of industry engagement process and inputs into procurement delivery strategy, combining contract types such as partnering, D&C, construct only and PPP
  • Organised and conducted project team meetings in geographically diverse locations
  • Assisted with development of Market Testing process for the Inland Rail Programme
  • Established and administered a project specific virtual data room for communication and data transfer with Market Participants
  • Legal documentation and meetings with Legal team
  • Coordinated review sessions across design and technical, environmental, scheduling, community & stakeholder and legal teams
  • Managed monthly progress claims and variations throughout duration projects taking into consideration all associated financial and contractual obligations;
  • Maintained budget and cost control, identifying areas of risk and opportunity;
  • Prepared, issue and respond to general correspondence in relation to the contract;
  • Managed and monitored fitters’ expenses and issued pays accordingly;
  • Managed and maintain customers’ accounts, invoicing, credits and collecting and filing associated paperwork; and
  • Provided estimations based off drawings and plans of the material required for each project, ensuring it complied with specifications and building standards whilst meeting customer requirements.

You’ve got to get up every morning with determination, if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction


  • Bachelor of Behavioral Science – University of Queensland


  • Contract Administration
  • Business Development                           
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communication
  • Data entry
  • Relationship Development