Alexandria Land Fill (ALF)

RMS’s intended St Peters Interchange (for WestConnex)

Alexandria Land Fill (ALF)

Client: RMS/ co. Norton Rose Full Bright
Location: Sydney Metro
Roles: Expert Quantum Advice & Provision of Evidence to Court

The Alexandria Land Fill (ALF) and waste facility with surrounding sites are subject to redevelopment as a result of the RMS’s intended St Peters Interchange (for WestConnex). 


A dispute with regard to compensation has been lodged by the sites owners subject to the Land Acquisitions Just Terms compensation Act 1991.  InfraSol has provided quantum expert advice on the matter in support of the Respondent’s defence to the claim.  The claim is one of the most complex and extensive to go before the Land and Environment Court.

Key Outcomes

InfraSol worked closely with the team of environmental, waste management, engineering and town planning experts to prepare both Evidence in Chief and Joint Expert Reports for consideration by the courts.