Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Project

Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

Client: RMS Motorways
Location: Miller Street North Sydney
Roles: Route Selection, Constructability Report management, Early and Enabling works planning
Budget: $14B

The concept of connecting the WestConnex Motorways to northern Sydney was developed through 2015 and 2016 through a Strategic Business Case.  InfraSol were participants in the Beaches Link route selection and immersed tunnel concept design for crossing Middle Harbour.


Government approved RMS in 2017 to advance development of a Final Business Case and Project Definition and Delivery Report.  The significant issues addressed in the constructability were the:


  • route and engineering form of the tunnels; and

  • reconfiguration of the Warringah Freeway to integrate the various connections in a staged approach.

Key Outcomes

Scoping Report describing at a high level the proposed building methodology